Need to Upgrade Your Worn Electrical Panel?

We complete electrical panel repair work in the Hampden, MA area

Are your lights flickering? Do your circuits keep breaking? Before you schedule a breaker box replacement, call Gustafson Electric. We might be able to save you some money with our electrical panel repair services. Your problem could be something as simple as a damaged wire. If it's more than that, then we'll gladly replace it.

Call our office in Hampden, Massachusetts to schedule electrical panel repair work.

When should you get an electrical panel upgrade?

When should you get an electrical panel upgrade?

If you own an older home in the Hampden, MA area, you probably need an electrical panel upgrade. Houses built over 20 years ago can't handle modern energy usage. Schedule an electrical panel upgrade with us today to:

  • Update an old fuse box
  • Increase breaker box capacity
  • Replace an unsafe box

Call 413-596-9227 to set up an initial electrical panel inspection. An electrician from Gustafson Electric can give you a professional opinion on how to fix the problem.