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Schedule generator installation service in Hampden, MA

Many commercial businesses need backup generators to avoid financial losses. If you work with perishable items, or you simply can't afford downtime after a power outage, call Gustafson Electric today. We offer standby generator installation services to clients in Hampden, Massachusetts and the surrounding area.

Call 413-596-9227 today to schedule generator setup service for your commercial building. We also install generators on residential properties.

3 reasons why you should schedule generator setup service

3 reasons why you should schedule generator setup service

In today's world, electricity is part of our everyday lives. Without it, work, play and all other activities stop. A standby generator lets you:

  1. Keep heaters or fans operating
  2. Prevent food from spoiling
  3. Keep phones and other emergency devices charged

Gustafson Electric offers generator setup service for commercial and residential customers in the Hampden, MA area. We will have a top-quality standby generator installed on your property in no time.