Retrofit Your Property's Lighting

Retrofit Your Property's Lighting

Call a commercial electrician in Hampden, MA

Your building's electrical system needs to meet safety guidelines and local building codes. You also want it to give you the most lighting and electricity at the lowest cost. A commercial electrician from Gustafson Electric can help you with all of this and more.

We have the skills needed to handle lighting retrofits, including LED upgrades. Replace your energy-wasting florescent bulbs with long-lasting, low-wattage LEDs. We also complete electrical wiring and lighting installation work for new construction projects.

Discuss your building's electrical needs with a commercial electrician now by calling our Hampden, MA office.

See what an industrial electrician can do for your business

Gustafson Electric handles all kinds of lighting and electrical work. Our most popular commercial and industrial electrical services are:

  • Energy audit upgrades
  • Pole lighting installations
  • Transformer repairs
  • Data and line upgrades
  • Electrical ballast repairs
  • Security lighting installations

We'll make sure your building is safe, energy-efficient and up-to-code.

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